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Las Vegas Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty To Identity Theft And Money Laundering Crimes

The United States Attorney's Office District of Nevanda

LAS VEGAS – A Nevada man pleaded guilty yesterday to aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering. On March 28, he pleaded guilty to a separate indictment charging him with filing false tax returns with the IRS on behalf of clients, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and impersonating an FBI agent.

According to court documents, King Isaac Umoren, 41, of Las Vegas, owned and operated Universal Tax Services (UTS), a tax preparation business. From 2012 through 2016, Umoren prepared and filed with the IRS tax returns for clients that included false deductions and fictitious businesses, in an effort to generate larger refunds than the clients were entitled to receive. At times, Umoren used the names and IRS preparer tax identification numbers of other UTS employees without their knowledge or consent, making it seem as if they, not he, had prepared the false returns. On Feb. 7, 2016, Umoren posed as an FBI agent, wearing a fake badge and tactical gear, and drove to a client’s house with police lights attached to his vehicle to demand payment of a tax preparation fee. Umoren required his clients to use a refund anticipation check program, which he utilized at times to secretly take fees out of clients’ tax refunds without their knowledge.


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