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FinTechs Get Zero-Fraud Guarantee for Inbound Digital Transfers

Long live the digital transformation — given that it’s secure.

Ignoring stock market gyrations and macroeconomics, the fact is that we are far from finished applying new digital approaches to solving intractable payments problems, namely fraud.

Money mobility, for example, is dogged at every step by fraud and risk despite billions of dollars in investment because fraudsters have big resources too. There’s a constant need to put money in transit and enable new transfers and payments while managing the risk.

To that end, FinTech Ingo Money is bringing its new Inbound Digital Transfer and Risk Services to market in May, taking a novel approach to fraud and risk management. It’s an application programming interface (API) with some interesting new capabilities.


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The FRPA alert system distinguishes us from other groups by gathering and providing information to law enforcement, retailers AND financial institutions.

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