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Compliance does not equal security: 7 cybersecurity experts share their insights

The State of Security

It is often stated that security is hard.  Whether it is the people, processes, and technology, or any combination of the three, security is a never ending challenge.  Conversely, compliance is the opposite.  Compliance is relatively straightforward. For too long, and for too many organisations, meeting a compliance standard was seen as a satisfactory way to boast of security. The competing ideologies of security versus compliance have long vexed even the most optimistic cybersecurity professional.

We wanted to help to offer some professional insight on this inherent dissonance, so we asked some experts for their thoughts on compliance and security, and where the two could harmoniously intertwine.

What are the limitations of compliance when it comes to cybersecurity?


Gary Hibberd | Professor of Communicating Cyber | @AgenciGary

Compliance with legislation or standards is merely the entry point for cybersecurity. Complying with these requirements is therefore relatively easy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are more secure.


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