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McDonald’s Sued by Ice Cream Hackers for $900 Million


It looks like McDonald’s ice cream machines are gonna stay broken for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this week, the tiny ice cream tech startup — yes, that’s a thing — Kytch filed a lawsuit against the burger giant for a whopping $900 million in damages after the fast food megalith demanded its franchisees pull the Kytch’s small gadget, meant to track when the machines were about to break, from its ice cream makers.

The complaint, which has been in the works for months as the fight between this David and Goliath pair heated up, is full of tongue-in-cheek references to the fast foodier’s malfunctioning soft serve machines as it alleges that McDonald’s defamed Kytch when forcing franchises to remove the two-person startup’s bespoke ice cream hacking device from its equipment.


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