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Decoding the Cyber Threat



Steve Lewis: This past summer, the impact of ransomware attacks and cyber intrusions became impossible to ignore. With long lines at gas stations and missing products at the meat counter, we could all see what is at stake.  

As adversaries look to exploit gaps in our intelligence and information security networks, the FBI has been committed to working with other federal agencies, foreign partners, and the private sector to close these gaps. Whether it’s through developing innovative investigative techniques, using cutting-edge analytic tools, or forging new partnerships in our communities, the FBI continues to adapt to meet the challenges posed by the evolving cyber threat. 

To talk more about the evolution of cyber threats and what the FBI is doing to combat them, we have Deputy Assistant Director Tonya Ugoretz of the Bureau’s Cyber Division with us in the studio today. Not only will we be discussing how cyber threats have impacted all of us, we will also focus in on how businesses and organizations can work with the FBI to get ahead of the threat and make a major, real impact on our cyber adversaries. 

I'm Steve Lewis, and thanks for joining. This is Inside the FBI.  

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