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Exclusive: FBI and DHS warn U.S. officials of possible Russian cyberattacks linked to invasion of Ukraine

Yahoo News

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security on Monday warned law enforcement, military and others charged with overseeing critical U.S. infrastructure to be prepared for potential Russian cyberattacks in conjunction with a possible invasion of Ukraine.

During a Monday afternoon conference call, the nation’s top cybersecurity officials briefed state and local government agencies and cybersecurity personnel, warning them to look out for signs of Russian activity on their networks. The federal officials also urged those on the call to dramatically lower their threshold for reporting suspicious activity.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine could begin at any time, the officials said, and the military action is also likely to be accompanied by cyberattacks targeting Ukrainian and possibly also U.S. networks. Officials underscored that the U.S. believes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to begin with aerial bombings and missile attacks and in conjunction with cyber operations.


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