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The Jetsons Had It (Mostly) Right, With the Glaring Exception of Payments

Fans of Peloton stationary cycles and treadmills from certain demographics may have found themselves on lockdown, plodding along, when the line “Jane! Stop this crazy thing!” passed through their minds.

What were they thinking?

George Jetson. They were thinking about George Jetson, futuristic fitness fan and cartoon character who arguably kicked off the treadmill craze in 1962 when “The Jetsons” premiered.

As a look at our digital-first life says to anyone familiar with “Nick at Nite” or streaming TV, it made quite an impression. Not unlike “Star Trek,” another show that affected our digital life more than we may realize by inspiring the Steve Jobses of the world to create cool hand-held communicators — we call them “smartphones” because it’s not the future yet — revisiting “The Jetsons” yields valuable clues as to where the connected economy is headed.


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