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Real-Time Payments Expected to Double in 2022

Streaming media, on-demand encounters with service providers and all manner of instant interactions online have shaped expectations about how we pay and get paid — and when.

Elena Whisler, senior vice president at The Clearing House (TCH), told PYMNTS in an interview that real-time payments volume will soar in the new year and beyond.

PYMNTS’ research found that real-time disbursements accounted for 17% of all disbursements made in 2021, up from 5.7% last year. Along with the growth in electronic payment methods, she said, “growth is coming from the availability of more real-time methods for businesses. More financial institutions are enabling the offerings as well.”

Paying Wages Faster

Companies are also increasingly opting to pay their employees in real time, partially reflecting a shift toward the gig economy and project-based work. But companies with more traditional workforces can leverage TCH’s RTP network to their strategic advantage as well, Whisler said.


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