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“I’m sorry, who are you?”; this is the new fraud via WhatsApp

No surprise there is many people who use WhatsApp to scam or extort money, however, it has just been detected a new modus operandi in which the attackers send a message and they earn the trust of the victim.

It all starts by sending a message saying something like: “Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book. ” With that excuse they start a conversation in which they are always friendly.

Through the site WaBetaInfo, specialized in news about WhatsApp, it was revealed this new scam where criminals get simple details like name, job, age, through complimenting the victim.

And as expected, after a long conversation, scammer asked to be added on my personal social account, such as Instagram or Facebook, ”the platform pointed out when recounting the manner of the attack.



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