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Traveling During the Holidays? Watch Out for These 3 Cybersecurity Dangers

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Over the holidays many of us travel to visit friends and family or take a break elsewhere. The last thing we expect is to become a victim of a data breach or digital theft. In this blog, we explore some of the cybersecurity threats looking to exploit our vulnerabilities while on the move and provide fundamental tips to protect yourself over the holiday season. 

1. Public Wi-Fi and Fake Wi-Fi Networks

Using devices outside of work or home can be frustrating when you have an intermittent connection. Many of us connect to free Wi-Fi absentmindedly, whether that’s in a café, airport, hotel or on the train. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi is often exploited by cybercriminals. A study conducted by Kaspersky Security Network found nearly a quarter of the world’s public Wi-Fi hotspots don’t use any kind of encryption. Meaning any information that is sent between your computer and the wireless router is available to see and not hidden in code; leaving you open to a data breach and potentially a breach inside your workplace if a company device is being used. 


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