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4 Key Criteria for Choosing an IT Partner


While some business leaders might feel apprehensive about selecting a managed service partner, not doing so may be worse: a daunting 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

Managed service providers don’t sound exciting or magical to most people. However, with the right IT partnership in place, you will feel like you have some sort of superhero on your side, a powerful protector of data and network up-time, when all the world sees is a boring Clark-Kent IT support team.

How do you reduce the risk of a cyber-attack to your business? One idea is to take your business completely offline, but in today’s world, that’s just not feasible. Your customers expect you to be online and efficient. All of the time. By hiring an expert managed services team, small business leaders such as CTOs or CIOs can continuously improve cybersecurity and protect themselves, their customers, and data from cyberattacks without hiring additional full-time staff. As a bonus, managed services often make businesses more efficient along the way by delivering a diverse skillset often beyond what a single organization can afford. Win, win. 


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