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Phishing attacks top 260,000 in Q3 2021

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An APWG’s report reveals that it saw 260,642 phishing attacks in July 2021 – the highest monthly total observed since APWG began its reporting program in 2004.

Overall, the number of phishing attacks has doubled from early 2020.

APWG Senior Research Fellow Greg Aaron noted, “The number of phishing sites being reported to APWG is now ten times what it was ten years ago, back in late 2011. Phishing has not decreased as the online environment has evolved – it remains a dangerous, effective, and profitable activity for cybercriminals.”

The number of targets being attacked by phishers – the banks, app providers, universities, and other entities that phishers imitate in order to fool victims – has continued to rise through 2021. In the early part of 2021 the number of targeted brands was just over 400, but topped 700 by the end of Q3 2021.


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