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Jersey Mike's Orders Up AI In Fight Against Mobile Fraud

Americans spent more than $769 billion ordering food from restaurants in 2020, PYMNTS found, and a significant chunk of these orders originated from websites or mobile apps.

Consumers are coming to prefer mobile or digital ordering options whenever they are offered, with 45 percent of diners claiming they would actually spend more at restaurants if they had the ability to pay online.

Offering the ordering and payment options consumers now prefer represents a key opportunity for quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and other eateries, especially as the pandemic continues to squeeze restaurant revenues. Yet QSRs must make sure they are providing digital diners not only a speedy, streamlined ordering experience, but a secure one, too. Fraudsters have picked up on the increased shift to digital channels as well and are adjusting their strategies accordingly. It is thus essential for eateries to revamp their fraud protection approach if they want to keep their mobile ordering platforms seamless and fraud-free.


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