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Analytics Are Better Than Fraud Detection, Here’s Why, With Examples


Marketers, ponder this for a second. You just got an ad verification report that you paid for that says “27% IVT” (invalid traffic). “Whatcha gonna do?” The campaign’s over. Are you going to refuse to pay 27% of what you owe, and risk getting sued for non-payment? Or if you’ve already paid for the media, try to get a 27% refund? Either way, your ads weren’t shown to humans and they won’t have any marketing effect. What can you do?

What if you had your own analytics that told you which specific sites and apps were fraudulent, instead of just a number like “27% IVT” within the first week the campaign was turned on? You could then add those domains and apps to your block list, or remove them from your include list, so ads can be shown on better sites and mobile apps for the rest of the campaign. In other words, more ads will be shown to humans, less money will go to fraudsters, and your ads can have greater marketing impact because you were able to make the changes while the campaign was still running. Imagine being able to make these optimizations week after week, to make your campaigns progressively better as they run. 

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