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Don’t be CBDeceived by junk science


If you’ve explored alternative treatments for medical conditions, you’ve probably noticed that CBD products are pretty popular. But if an ad claims a CBD-based product is scientifically proven to cure or treat your symptoms, take that with a dose of caution to prevent losing money and, possibly, putting your health at risk.

Today, the FTC announced six proposed complaints and settlement agreements as part of “Operation CBDeceit.” This operation is a law enforcement sweep against companies claiming their CBD products treat serious diseases and chronic health conditions like diabetes, depression, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. The FTC also says one of the companies charged people’s credit cards for bottles of CBD extract they hadn’t ordered. The proposed settlements would ban these companies and their affiliates from making disease prevention and cure claims without adequate scientific proof to back them up. As part of the settlements, the companies would have to notify people who bought their CBD products that no scientific evidence supports the companies’ serious health-related claims.

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