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Hacking Christmas Gifts: Putting IoT Under the Microscope

The State of Security

If high-tech gadgets are on your holiday shopping list, it is worth taking a moment to think about the particular risks they may bring. Under the wrong circumstances, even an innocuous gift may introduce unexpected vulnerabilities. In this blog series, VERT will be looking at some of the Internet’s best-selling holiday gifts with an eye toward their possible security implications. Some of the risks discussed in this series may be over the top and even comical while others may highlight realistic problems you may not have considered.

Looking at a WIFI Microscope kit

In this first installment of the series, I’ll be discussing a WiFi microscope kit. There are, without exaggeration, dozens of listings for these devices on Amazon and most of them appear to be the same or very similar hardware with different brandings and varying accessories. Being the science geeks that we are, our team was quick to buy one of these devices when we saw it listed as a top-seller on Amazon’s holiday gift guide.


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