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Seniors vs. Crime: Where do all those fake checks come from?

Clinton Herald

Many of you reading this probably received a fake check delivered to you. You either recognized outright it was a fake, or when you took it to the bank, they refused to take it, or warned you not to take out the proceeds of the deposit until the check cleared (which it didn’t).

I know this happened because hundreds of you turned over these checks to me. Did you ever wonder where the checks came from? Keep reading.

Don Zuehl of rural Dewitt thought he found a great work-from-home opportunity. For payment of $3000 a month, all he needed to do was process and mail checks. The necessary information came directly to his email address, he printed the checks and mail labels, placed them in parcels, and headed off to the post office to mail them. Simple, and it took him two or three hours a week.


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