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Mastercard: New Stride Partnership Is Just ‘First Step’ In Helping Gig Workers

With gig-economy participation rising and U.S. healthcare costs soaring, anything that can reduce the burden of medical expenses on the often-overlooked freelancers who are driving the digital economy would be a big win. That’s why Mastercard and Stride, which operates a portable-benefits platform for gig workers, are joining forces to make it easier for independent contractors to shop for, select, enroll in and pay for healthcare coverage.

“We want to make sure that everybody has an ability to participate in the modern economy and that everybody has an ability to leverage the technology that's available, the services that are available and have a better life,” Jess Turner, executive vice president for North America Products and Innovation, told PYMNTS in an interview Thursday (Oct. 15) following the partnership’s announcement.

The tie-up will give U.S. Mastercard cardholders access to simple, affordable coverage plans. It’s the first time that differentiated health, dental and vision benefits will be made available via a payments network. 


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