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Hackers pumped and dumped GAS cryptocurrency for $16.8 million, alleges US DOJ

The State of Security

US authorities have charged two Russian men with allegedly defrauding cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers out of at least $16.8 million.

The men – Danil “Cronuswar” Potekhin, 25, and 35-year-old Dmitrii Karasavidi, of Voronezh and Moscow respectively – are said to be responsible for a phishing campaign that targeted customers of cryptocurrency exchanges between July 2017 until at least October 2018.

Potekhin is accused of creating spoof websites that mimicked legitimate cryptocurrency exchange websites, but were really designed to steal the login credentials of victims.

Potekhin is said to have created and managed at least 13 fake domains posing as the Poloniex exchange. Similarly, sites were set up posing as the Binance and Gemini exchange platforms.

Hundreds of victims of the exchanges are alleged to have been tricked into entering their passwords on the bogus sites, allowing Potehkin to access their real cryptocurrency accounts.


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