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Carnival Reveals It Detected a Ransomware Attack on Its Systems

The State of Security

British-American cruise operator Carnival Corporation & plc revealed it had detected a ransomware attack on some of its IT systems.

In a regulatory filing submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Carnival revealed that it had detected a ransomware attack on August 15.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the ransomware actors had succeeded in accessing and encrypting some of the corporation’s IT systems as well as in downloading some of its data.

It comes as no surprise that this ransomware attack involved data theft. Indeed, research into ransomware submissions for the second quarter of 2020 revealed that more than a tenth of crypto-malware infections involved some element of data theft.

The activities of NetwalkerMazeNefilim and other crypto-malware gangs contributed to this finding.


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