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ATM vendor warns customers of black box attacks in Europe

Computing UK

ATM maker Diebold Nixdorf has issued an alert to warn customers of a new type of black box 'jackpotting' attack, which involves cyber crooks using proprietary software to steal cash from the machines.

Diebold Nixdorf says it recently became aware of several black box jackpotting attacks targeting ProCash terminals in some European countries. In most of these incidents, the criminals weree targetting ProCash 2050xe USB terminals.

In a traditional black box attack, attackers attach an external device (usually a laptop or Raspberry Pi board) to the ATM dispenser, which enables them to dispense cash from the machine by giving commands to its cash-handling compartment. However, to achieve that an intruder has to unfasten an ATM outer case or to cut a hole in the casing in order to access its ports, internal wiring or other connectors.


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