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BUSTED! Robbery Trio’s Missteps Led FBI Investigators to Arrests After Bank Heist With Movie-Worthy Plot Twist

Space Coast Daily

(FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS) –  Three roommates planned out a profitable bank heist with a movie-worthy plot twist. Unfortunately for the criminals, the story’s ending was written by FBI agents and San Diego Police Department detectives.

Jesus Ramon Garcia-Lopez, 21, had been working at a San Diego branch of a major national bank for about 18 months when a man entered the bank and passed a note through his teller station.

The note read: “Give me all the money in both top and bottom drawer or someone in the lobby dies give me 30 mins before alerting anyone or I will be back and shoot people right away.”

Garcia-Lopez handed over the $23,070 he had stacked in his drawers.

An FBI special agent and a San Diego Police Department officer were the first to respond to the bank’s call about that robbery on June 6, 2018. Following standard procedure, they interviewed the victim teller.


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