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Kohl’s must give records to identity theft victims


Imagine a thief used your information to buy things at Kohl’s – or used your Kohl’s credit card to go on a shopping spree. You’d want to get the records to prove it and clear up your good name. The law says you’re entitled to do exactly that. That’s what the FTC’s latest settlement with Kohl’s is about.

FTC sued Kohl’s because the company was not giving records to people whose identities were stolen, as required by law. The law says that, if your identity is stolen, you can get records directly from businesses – for free. You don’t need a subpoena and you don’t have to go through law enforcement. Businesses may require you to provide proof of identity (like a driver’s license) and proof of the identity theft (like a police report and affidavit). But they must give you the records within 30 days.


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