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Prisons Worldwide Seek Ways to Ease the Coronavirus Crisis

Prisons and jails around the world are facing a growing threat due to the coronavirus crisis. Social distancing is often not possible within prison walls especially as many prisons exceed their inmate capacities. As a result, the spread of the coronavirus is a major threat among this vulnerable population.

According to the federal Bureau of Prisons, of the 2,700 coronavirus tests performed across the prison system, “nearly 2,000 have come back positive.” That is over 70 percent, suggesting that that there are many more undetected coronavirus cases in the U.S. prison system.

One possible solution is early release for nonviolent offenders.

“A total of approximately 16,622 inmates nationwide have been released due to the coronavirus outbreak. The majority were being held on non-violent charges or were deemed to pose no immediate threat to society if released,” Fox News explained.


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