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What’s Next in Payments Security: White Hats vs Black Hats, With AI as a Weapon


Jeff Hallenbeck, head of financial partnerships at Forter, told PYMNTS that as 2024 dawns, artificial intelligence (AI) will be a technological tool increasingly leveraged by fraudsters — and a tool necessary to beat them too.

“In the payments security space, just as in the consumer space, you’re seeing a massive investment in AI,” he said. “It’s a buzzword — but it has to be, as bad actors evolve in the ways they are attacking businesses.”

The conversation was the latest in the continuing PYMNTS’ “What’s Next in Payments” series, which looks ahead at the key challenges and opportunities that loom in 2024 and beyond.

Businesses face a reckoning with any number of vulnerabilities, said Hallenbeck.


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