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Thousands of dollars stolen from Texas ATMs using Raspberry Pi


A Texas court has heard how last month a gang of men used a Raspberry Pi device to steal thousands of dollars from ATMs.

According to local media reports, three men were arrested in Lubbock, Texas, after attempting to steal "large sums of US currency" from ATMs.

The men - 38-year-old Abel Valdes, 41-year-old Yordanesz Sanchez, and 33-year-old Carlos Jordano Herrera-Ruiz - were arrested on August 3 in a hotel room, where a number of Raspberry Pis and other evidence was recovered.

According to court documents, the men used a Raspberry Pi to assist in the heist - plugging it into the ATM and deactivating its security system so that money in the cash drawer could be accessed.


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