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Shoplifting arrest ends in busting identity theft scheme

The Daily World

What began as a simple arrest in Walmart in late February for shoplifting catapulted Aberdeen police down a rabbit hole as they investigated and got convictions on a man wanted for identity theft.

Gabriel K. Palolo, 42, recently sentenced to 84 months imprisonment as a result of a plea deal in Grays Harbor Superior Court, first came to the attention of the Aberdeen Police Department on Feb. 20, said Detective David Tarrence, who investigated the case — his first case as a detective.

Palolo was initially arrested that morning in February for cutting the locking pegs off merchandise in the electronics section, and was detained without incident by Aberdeen patrol officers, Tarrence said. When they checked his ID, officers began taking a closer look.

“He provided a fake ID with someone else’s name,” Tarrence said. “They did a records check and it was coming back with no record.”


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