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Cybersecurity predictions for 2023.

Morrison Foerster - The CyberWire

Alex Iftimie, Michael Burshteyn, Miriam Wugmeister, Lokke Moerel, Haima Marlier, Kristen Mathews, Vincent Schroder, Tina Reynolds, and Markus Speidel spoke to The CyberWire about predictions and trends the cybersecurity sector may expect in 2023.

Alex on a resurgence in Russian-based cyberattacks:

"As Russia continues to take losses on the battlefield, they will increasingly rely on nontraditional tactics like cyber-attacks, including against Western countries. These attacks will also come from nonstate actors who are reeling from Western sanctions and who continue to view Russia as a permissive environment for their activities."

Michael on more regulatory attention for crypto adoption:

"This past year saw tens of billions of dollars in cryptocurrency and digital assets lost. These losses stemmed from smart contract exploits, insider and external attacks, and collapses of centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols. At the same time, developers have continued to adopt web3 technologies and builders are continuing to develop innovative applications of blockchain, crypto, and related technologies. In response, 2023 is likely to see sharpened regulatory attention in an attempt to create predictable conditions for more mainstream adoption. A surge in litigation related to cryptocurrency token disputes and losses is on the horizon as well."


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