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Identity Data Takes on Commercial Use Cases Beyond Fighting Fraud

As fraud prevention experts work to thwart shadowy foes, the identity data that is central to detecting and stopping theft has other uses that are emerging alongside new fraud-fighting tools.

Speaking with PYMNTS for our “Executive Insights Series – The Next Three Years,” Jared Kernodle, chief revenue officer at Kount, an Equifax company, said he sees identity data not just as a means to prevent fraud, but as a way for merchants and brands to tailor offerings as they shield consumers from omnipresent scams.

Comparing the data evolution happening in commerce to what’s becoming possible with identity data, Kernodle sees the next three years in his space being about “pre-authorization, helping payment environments, helping commerce, helping people understand, ‘This is Jared, not only is Jared a good or a bad customer but what are Jared’s intentions? What is Jared’s propensity to buy? What’s his income level? Health? Wealth? Where’s he buying today?’”


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