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Foreign scammers rely on your neighbors to harass you

Suburban Chicago Land

How many times have you received a call from some idiot who can’t speak English properly trying to tell you he represents the IRS and you need to pay a fine or you might go to jail? The fine usually involves you buying a “gift card” or providing access to your bank account to transfer money.

Even though these morons from Nigeria, India, China, Russia and Malaysia can’t pronounce the words correctly, and often get into verbal scuffles with the call recipients, about 5 percent of the people called become victims, sending money to these scammer.

Most of the victims are seniors and the elderly, many who live alone and are easily confused by the calls.

But I bet you didn’t know that these despicable scammers who hustle you from money are relying on your neighbors for support to make their scams successful. It involves telephone scams and false order scams.


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