Your electronic library to help in fighting financial fraud for all of our partners.

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Learn from industry experts about the latest in trends in financial fraud and protect yourself and customers.

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FRPA membership is open to any retailer, financial institution or law enforcement agency. We want to be your partner in fighting financial crimes. Let us help you….join today!

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The FRPA alert system distinguishes us from other groups by gathering and providing information to law enforcement, retailers AND financial institutions.

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"I would like to thank everyone who makes the FRPA website possible.

This website offers not only information on crimes happening locally, but across the country. We learn about the different ways crimes are committed and it determines how our company conducts business....from our convenience stores to our oil and propane business. We look at how we accept checks and credit cards, making sure our employees receive the proper training for accepting these items and they help us be more dilligent about watching for potential problems at ATM machines and gas pumps.

When we think about all the ways fraud can happen, we know we must rely on all the resources available to us. The website is easy to use, extremely informative and has proven to be a valuable resource for our company. We are looking forward to utilizing the new website and continuing to learn and be informed.
Thanks to all of you at FRPA!"

Laurie Toland
Credit Manager
Curtis Oil and Propane
4985 Miller Trunk Highway
Hermantown, MN 55811

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No Pain, No Gain? GDPR, PSD2 And The New Payments Reality

The State of Security

Last year brought the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline, Europe’s attempt to boost online privacy and security for consumers — a law that just resulted in a $57 million fine against Google, which was accused of not doing enough to gain the consent of users when collecting data meant for targeted advertising.

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Adware Installers Disguised as Cracks Installing STOP Ransomware

The State of Security

STOP ransomware is using adware installers disguised as cracks as a new method of distributing itself to unsuspecting users.

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How to Avoid Government Shutdown Scams

Consumer Reports

Fraudsters are taking advantage of furloughed workers and others

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