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How Face ID Can Power End-To-End Verification

Go back a generation or two and imagine the construction of the Gateway Arch — the sleek, shiny monument to westward expansion that stands along the west side of the Mississippi River in St. Louis (which just underwent an extensive update and makeover to its grounds and museum). 

Ask most anyone who witnessed the object rise from the riverbank in the early 1960s and they’ll probably hear about the excitement — and odd sense of tension — that came from watching those two curved sides approach each other, before finally being connected some 630 feet above the ground.

Now, keep that image in mind and consider the idea of end-to-end authentication services, as CPO Philipp Pointner of Jumio does pretty much every working day. The ideal — the goal of ongoing work across much of the digital payments and commerce industries — is to join two related, but distinct, tasks in the hopes of bringing more security and convenience to financial and retail transactions.


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