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Malware: Three Industry Problems and How to Solve Them

The State of Security

In the last few years, organizations have been subject to extortion through ransomware. Now, hackers are bypassing the nasty business of trying to get people to give them cryptocurrency to simply hijacking your processor to mine for cryptocurrency. As a result, the methods employed are growing in sophistication and creativity, including using internet memes to compromise systems.

The malware threat is compounded by the increasing attack surface. For example, as organizations move to the cloud, so too do cybercriminals. Cloud assets are as vulnerable to malware attacks as your on-premise systems. Not to mention the increasing use of internet-connected IoT devices both in the office and the home.

And while organizations focus on malware prevention and detection (and rightly so), malware forensics is an important remediation capability that is often forgotten. When malware is discovered, you can’t remediate unless you know exactly what the malware did and what it changed.


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