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5 Cybersecurity Steps You Should Already Be Taking

The State of Security

There’s nothing more impactful than a proactive cybersecurity strategy. What’s your preferred scenario: the one where you’re reeling from a lethal data breach with thousands of customer profiles compromised, or, the one where your team identified and diffused a problem before it had time to wreak havoc?

The key difference between a company that recently made headlines over lost user data and one that continues to move along with no business disruptions is a proactive approach . Cyber crime is always evolving, and organizations must approach cybersecurity programmatically and continuously improve their capabilities to protect against attacks. Tackling the fundamentals will stave off most of the incidents that frequently occur, and a solid strategy will help prepare for the most common attacks while setting the organization on a path to contend with the risks that they individually face.

At times, it may seem that developing a cybersecurity program is simply too daunting. Successes are never reported, and failures dominate the headlines. The good news is there are some essential tips that you can follow to implement better security practices throughout your organization. Here’s a list of the practices that I’ve seen can make the biggest impact. You can use this as a checklist to see how you measure up or realize perhaps that you still have some work to do to build the strongest possible cybersecurity stance.


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