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The Black Friday-Cyber Monday Shopping Lesson? Pay Attention to the Checkout

Digital Transactions

Add e-commerce platform Shopify Inc. to the roster of entities that experienced record sales during the recent holiday-shopping weekend, reporting $1.5 billion in volume from Friday through Monday. Two-thirds of that came from mobile transactions.

Mobile commerce took the top spot on Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, according to Web-services provider Akamai Technologies. For the first time, mobile-device use surpassed desktop use on Cyber Monday, with 50.23% of the market. Desktop had 43.46%. In 2017, mobile devices accounted for 43.06% of use and desktop 48.07%.

More consumers also actually made purchases using a smart phone this year on Cyber Monday than in 2017, Akamai says. The conversion rate, which measures the percentage of site visitors who complete a purchase, was 2.97% for smart phones that day, compared with 2.39% in 2017. The desktop conversion rate of 5.41% was slightly less than the 2017 rate of 5.48%.


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