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Call Centers Push With Biometrics As Fraud Soars

The rate of contact center fraud has skyrocketed recently, growing by 350 percent during the past four years. For call centers, dealing with this growing issue requires a multi-pronged approached, complete with defense to beat attacks coming from both outside and inside the company. That means thwarting fraudsters who call in, masquerading as legitimate customers, or who hack into a cell center, as well as blocking any dishonest agents within the center from stealing customer information.

However, call centers need to implement these security measures in a way that doesn’t introduce frictions into the customer experience. It’s a tough challenge, and in the November Call Center Commerce Tracker™, PYMNTS explores the latest approaches to shielding sensitive payment information and authenticating customers.

Around The Call Center World

Biometrics have been making some buzz recently, as some service providers see the tech as the path to more robust authentication measures.

In one recent move, for example, Avtex, a call center customer experience consulting and technology company, partnered with biometric identity company Daon. Under the terms of the new partnership, Avtex will build a product suite using Daon’s identity platform to provide call centers and their interactive voice response (IVR) systems with facial, fingerprint and voice biometric authentication.


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