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To Bolster Cybersecurity, France Gives Google the Guillotine


n recent months, the French government has taken serious steps to boost its and Europe’s cybersecurity, in part by ousting foreign corporations that could spy on French leaders and citizens.

Most notably, according to a new story in WIRED, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces announced last month that the French military will no longer default to Google’s search engine, instead using a French one called Qwant, which says it doesn’t exploit user data.

Singing The Songs Of Angry Men

The underlying logic is that the fewer non-European powers that dominate the French and European markets, the fewer backdoors the NSA and other foreign agencies can use to spy on the government and people of France, reports WIRED. And with that independence, according to WIRED‘s analysis, France is less likely to become a “digital colony” of America or China.


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