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How Connected Devices Are Revolutionizing How And Who We Pay

Connected devices — smartphones, tablets, voice-activated speakers, smartwatches, in-car dashboard systems — are changing how consumers in the U.S. buy and pay.

Not just some consumers, but almost all of them.

We have brand-new data that reveals how much change is happening.

Using smartphones and apps to autopay at gas stations, or to find and pay for parking, or asking a voice-activated assistant on the other end of a speaker to order a pizza aren’t just what early adopters of cool, connected tech are doing.

People of all stripes — from millennials to baby boomers, from Generation X to the Greatest Generation — are increasingly swapping the friction of shopping in a store for the convenience of using one of the many connected devices they now own to shop and buy from instead.

That includes many of the things that were once only possible — and therefore largely purchased — in a physical store: things like groceries, prescriptions and clothes.


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