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Beware of the New Way Crooks Can Drain Your Credit Card Account

The State of Security

This article describes one of the recent frauds used by cybercriminals to steal funds from people’s credit cards. Unfortunately, it is a simple one to pull off, so peruse the details below and make sure you don’t get on the hook.

The malicious logic in a nutshell

The malefactors use a legit remote access tool for mobile devices called AirDroid. They try to dupe as many people as possible into installing the app and authenticating with credentials provided by the attackers. The main target audience is 25 year-olds and up. The idea is to transfer money from a card by sending a specific text message to a short number on behalf of the victim. While this service number varies for different banks, regular Google search helps find it in the blink of an eye.

Dissecting the hoax

The hackers download the above-mentioned AirDroid app and install it on their PC. Before that, they create a Gmail account and set a password test123.


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