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Mobile Data, On Literal Wheels And In The Driver’s Seat

It’s mobile data (emphasis on the mobile) — as in data, wrought by and transferred across vehicles. All manner of data — from weather to payments, from cell towers to street lights — uses technology to measure whether other technologies are functioning as they should. Think of the car as the ultimate observer, passing by and passing judgement with speed (but under the speed limit).

To that end, Streamr, the Swiss blockchain startup, is in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), revving the motor towards data monetization — literally. Through the terms of the relationship, the two companies are linking automotive technology, HPE’s interface and Streamr’s Engine (an analytics engine), which features blockchain, to bring data to the latter’s Marketplace. The companies have said the combination marks a collaboration that will show how data can be monetized securely. The firms also noted that the partnership will solve challenges that are tied to smart cities, where real-time information about sensors is crucial.


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