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Credential abuse: How real is the problem?

Financial Express

 One major threat looming over almost every online business today is that of credential abuse. Botnets are constantly trying to tap into every entry point using stolen credentials, with the intention of using credentials from other websites, to ascertain if they have the keys to access one’s information.

While this is a prevalent problem, what many organisations don’t realise is that credential abuse and account checkers may actually outnumber legitimate login attempts by a factor of greater than four to one. Hospitality and e-retail industries are probably the most coveted target of these attacks. With 82% of login attempts stemming from malicious botnets, the hospitality industry became the biggest target of fraudulent credential attacks. A report by PwC found that retail customers witnessed the attacks on their website go up by over 30%. As retail e-commerce grows at a CAGR of 26%, it makes India one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets worldwide, thereby also indicating the potential increase in credential attacks.


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