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Mobile phone maker misled people on privacy & security

Federal Trade Commission

People use their mobile devices for everything from making calls and sending emails and text messages to maintaining contact lists, taking photos, surfing the web, and finding the best travel routes. You count on your device to help with your daily routine, and you expect that your information will be private and secure.

Well, some mobile device companies deal with privacy and data security better than others. For example, today, the FTC announced a settlement with BLU Products, Inc., which sells mobile devices through online and brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Amazon and Best Buy. According to the FTC, BLU deceived consumers about their privacy policies and data security. It told consumers that it would only share data with service providers if they had a business need to get the information. But, it allowed a China-based service provider called ADUPS to collect the content of text messages, real-time location information, call and text message logs with full phone numbers, contact lists, and lists of applications installed and used from consumers’ devices, even though the Chinese company didn’t have a business need for this information.


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