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New malware freezes user's device in account takeover scheme

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The one thing more valuable to consumers than their bank accounts might be their internet access — and a new version of the "Trickbot" trojan targets both.

The malware's developers appear to be experimenting with the option to lock a user’s computer screen, possibly as an alternative way to extort money. As banks, retailers and smartphone makers increasingly push consumers to adopt digital wallets, the threat of being cut off from their devices could be devastating to the nascent market.

First seen in 2016, Trickbot is one of the most prevalent banking trojans: a piece of malware that targets online many banking systems, with the U.K. being one of its first targets. It is widely spread through malicious email campaigns: If you make the mistake of opening a malicious email attachment and then enabling macros, there is a good chance you will be infected with Trickbot.


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