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Cambridge Analytica: The Devil Is in the (Contractual) Details

The State of Security

It appears we reached a global level of moral outrage surpassing a high warp factor during the week commencing 19th March 2018 with widespread news coverage of the machinations of Cambridge Analytica (CA). [I write as a long-time cynic who did not need to experience last week to know that “I am the product.”]

We are all making choices daily – for example, allowing the location features to be turned on, so that our devices can more easily orientate us in various applications. There is a wealth of data being gathered about our preferences on a daily basis – unless, of course, you have entirely abstained from not just social media but also online shopping, cloud-based email services, map applications etc.

Everyone appears to have a left hand vs. right hand challenge, actively participating in trivial, nonsensical surveys, quizzes, games through online social media fora and yet expressing extensive indignation at the very notion that the resulting data might be mined, shared and utilized for nefarious purposes. Many of today’s applications and services appear to be suffering from a level of neediness that feeds the immaturity of the non-paying users.


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