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The Clearing House: ACH Paves Way for Real-Time Payments On-Ramp

Checks and card transactions are giving way to electronic payments, done through an automated clearinghouse (ACH).

Jason Carone, senior vice president of ACH product management at The Clearing House (TCH), told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that ACH’s growth is paving the way, seamlessly, for faster payments.

“It’s a natural on ramp for real time,” he said.

ACH volumes in the United States increased 8.7% in 2021, according Nacha — previously known as the National Automated Clearing House Association — and ACH transactions over TCH’s electronic payments network (EPN) grew by 9.6% over the same timeframe, outpacing the industry’s overall volume momentum. Fifty percent of the ACH commercial volume in the United States and 55% of the volume from the nation’s 50 largest financial institutions (FIs) were carried over on EPN, according to TCH.


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