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Hacker steals over $16 Million in Bitcoin via a wallet exploit

Coin Journal

In the latest crypto heist, hackers nabbed 1,400 bitcoins belonging to a long-time holder

Although it may appear that crypto crime has taken a bow over the past few months, it still remains active under the radar. Incidences of Bitcoin-related hacks haven’t been picked or reported by the media owing to the reduced frequency of big crypto exchange hacks.

As a result, crypto users might be fooled to think they are safe when, in reality, they are actually far from it. Hacks aren’t rare occurrences in the crypto space and the latest 1,400 bitcoin lift indeed confirms that.

The major incident before this heist was the Twitter accounts takeover that saw several high-profiles accounts being hacked. The hacks were reportedly a part of a fake Bitcoin giveaway scam.


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