Partners in Education

FRPA is pleased to partner with All Points North Consulting for specialized training.

All Points North Consulting is booking dates for this summer and fall.  Our classic offering, “HOW TO AVOID AND SURVIVE VIOLENCE,” including Active Shooter situation preparedness, continues to be the most highly requested training. Regrettably, given our current environment, this topic will continue to be relevant and important.  The key benefits of this training include basic principles that are easy to recall in a crisis, and the fact that attendees are encouraged to teach these principles to others.    

All Points North Consulting was founded by Joseph Malhoit after retiring from 20 years of service as an FBI agent.  All Points North Consulting strives to make as many individuals and organizations as safe as possible. 

Some of the other available training packages include:

-Active Shooter Preparedness and Survival

-Active Listening Skills

-Psychological First Aid

-What To Do Before, During and After a Bank Robbery

-Personal Security While Traveling Overseas

-Running an Effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

-Safety and Security for: Places of Worship / Medical Facilities / Educational Institutions / Businesses


Other Services include:

-Customized Security Consultations

-Table Top Exercises (TTX) 

-Security Evaluations of Physical Spaces


 Bio for Joe Malhoit:

After retiring from 20 years as a Special Agent with the FBI, Joe Malhoit formed a training/consulting business to make as many people as safe as possible. During his last four years with the FBI, Joe gave over 230 Active Shooter presentations to a large variety of groups and organizations.

Before Joe joined the FBI, he earned a BS in Pastoral Studies and an MA in Psychology. He worked as a Teacher, Pastor and in the medical rehabilitation field. This background combines with his experience as a Special Agent gives Joe a unique perspective.  He utilities these abilities to work with a diversity of individuals and organizations to increase their level of security.

Joe continues to expand the mission of preparing individuals and organizations to respond to the challenges of violent events.