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What Type of Vulnerabilities Does a Penetration Test Look For?

The State of Security

Penetration testing is becoming increasingly popular as organizations are beginning to embrace the need for stronger cybersecurity. But there are still too many businesses that don’t fully understand the benefits of regular security testing.

Pen testing is vital for any kind of organization with an IT system or website. A recent survey of penetration testers revealed that 88 percent of those questioned said they could infiltrate organizations and steal data within 12 hours. This shows that almost all businesses are likely to be vulnerable to attacks.

But many people do not know what a pen test involves – particularly the types of vulnerabilities that testing helps to identify. In truth, there are many different types of pen testing, and the results can depend largely on which type you have carried. In general, however, here are four of the most common vulnerabilities that a pen test can uncover:


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